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Digital Banking FAQs


Select “Enroll” under the personal digital banking login information.

Equity Bank’s Digital Banking can be used with any ISP.

Call your local branch and a representative will assist you, or call our Customer Service line at (888) 733-5041.

Select “Profile” from the top navigation bar and then “Edit.” You may also change your security data, email, and security questions and answers. To change your Customer ID, call our Customer Service Toll-Free line at (888) 733-5041.

There are no fees associated with Digital Banking. All of our accounts offer Free Digital Banking, Free Mobile Banking, and Free Unlimited Online Bill Pay.

Privacy and Security

This is an extra security measure to protect against unauthorized use.

Click “This is a personal computer. Register it.” to remember your computer. Any time history or cookies are deleted you will need to re-register.

Yes, however for security reasons we do not suggest this.

No, only one security question will be asked per challenge.

No, Digital Banking rotates the questions randomly.

Do not proceed; contact your local banker or customer service at (888) 733-5041.

You will need to visit your local branch in this case.

One is automatically chosen for you upon first login.

Yes, please select “Profile” from the top-level navigation bar, and it will be a menu option available for change. Click “Edit” and proceed to select your image.

You may also change your Security Questions through the “Profile” menu.

Contact your local branch, or personal banker. Or contact Customer Service at (888) 733-5041.

We use the highest security software available to protect information online.

Yes, however, the enrollment process is slightly different for business accounts. The business Digital Banking application needs to be completed at a local branch.

Account information is updated in real time.

Go to the “Profile” menu. Your mailing address must be changed via your local branch or Customer Service at (888) 733-5041.

This is in the “Profile” menu once you are logged into Digital Banking.

Click on the linked check number, image, or use the “Transaction Search” option. For a statement, from the “Accounts” menu option, click “Statement.” Each is printable.

No, the transfer regulations differ slightly between account types. With further questions, please contact your local banker or Customer Service at (888) 733-5041.

12 months of transactions are available within Digital Banking.

There is a cutoff time of 6 p.m. for a same-day transfer. Transfers are immediate when using the “Express Transfer” option.

Statements can be saved in a PDF, and our Digital Banking is also compatible with finance software such as Quicken, Microsoft Money, Microsoft Excel, and more.

Online Bill Pay

This system enables customers to pay bills from multiple accounts, send expedited payments, and make person-to-person electronic payments quickly and easily. It also allows for single or recurring payments.

You can pay companies, individuals, Banks or Credit Unions and make transfers to other accounts.

Payments processed electronically will be taken out the day you have set to pay. Payments sent as a check in the mail will be taken out once payment has reached the merchant and they have processed it.

It depends on how the payment will be processed. Some payments are sent as a check in the mail and some are sent electronically. When setting up the payment you will choose the process date and besides that will be a calendar with the “Estimated Arrival Date.” When payments are sent through the mail as a check, there is a slight delay. Make sure to consult the calendar within Online Bill Pay, it will confirm for payments sent and received.

The current storage duration is 18 months. Payments made longer than 18 months ago are not available to view.

As long as you can access Digital Banking, you can access Bill Pay and schedule payments. Please note that for same-day payment processing in Online Bill Pay, 4 p.m. is the cutoff time. If you schedule the payment after 4 p.m., it will be processed the following day.

Certain merchants have the capability to deliver e-Bills right to your Online Bill Pay account. e-Bills present the information you need to pay your bill on time, including the amount due, due date, and unpaid balance. You may continue to receive detailed paper bills by either mail or email when you register for e-Bills. You may also customize e-Bill service to receive email alerts when we receive the e-Bill. All previous e-Bills are maintained online for up to 18 months.